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Are you or a loved one considering a retirement home? The decision to move into a retirement community can be significant, and it’s natural to have questions about what to expect. You might wonder about the level of care provided, the amenities available, or the cost of living in a retirement home. Our experts at Marian Residence Retirement Home want to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you choose right. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about retirement homes.

1. What kinds of care services do retirement homes provide?

Retirement homes can provide medication management, physical care (assistance with bathing, wound care, etc.), meal services, laundry services, activities, etc. At Marian Residence Retirement Home, we not only provide all of the mentioned services, but we do so with the added element of spiritual care. We offer a holistic approach where we cater to our residents.

2. How many staff members do retirement homes have?

Are they available overnight? This would depend on the physical size of the building and the number of residents. Retirement homes also have a doctor that sees each resident. We are committed to resident-centered care and have team members available 24/7 for any needs that may arise.

3. What are some safety features that retirement homes have?

Retirement homes must meet the requirements set out in the Retirement Homes Act, such as resident-staff communication and a response system in each room. We also comply with all prescribed safety standards, such as fire, safety, public health requirements, and emergency evacuation plans.

4. Are there any other services you offer?

Retirement homes also offer a variety of activities and entertainment for their residents. At Marian Residence Retirement Home, we have a number of recreational activities planned throughout the week. Activities include regular entertainers, a low-impact exercise team, excursions to the public library, etc. We also love hearing from our residents what their interests are!

Our home has a Catholic identity which means our dedicated Chaplain celebrates the Holy Mass every day, along with weekly adoration. Our Director of Pastoral Care hosts a weekly bible study and other spiritual exercises.

5. How do I know the right home for me?

Choosing a retirement home is a challenge. It is a big decision! We suggest you talk with a trusted family member and friend. Figure out what care services you need now and what you may need in the future. Consider what is important for you as a resident and find the home that matches you!

If you are considering retirement home services for yourself or your loved ones, we are an Independent and Assisted Living Retirement Home in Cambridge, ON. Founded in 1981 by the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate to care for the physical and spiritual needs of older adults, Marian Residence Retirement Home is a place where each person is loved and recognized for who they are.

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