About Marian Residence Retirement Home

Independent & Assisted Living Retirement Home in Cambridge, ON

The Marian Residence Retirement Home was founded in 1986 by the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate to care for the physical and spiritual needs of older adults. In doing so, we’ve created a home where each person is loved and recognized for who they are. 

We strive to be recognized as providing excellent quality of life in our home and community through a holistic, Christian approach to all persons.

We benchmark our care on 5 core values:

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    Human Dignity

    We believe in the sacredness of human life and that every person has dignity and value and is worthy of love.
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    Providing a Christian environment which offers the opportunity for Christian worship and fellowship and spiritual growth
  • Marian Residence Retirement Home


    We believe in creating a compassionate environment where each resident is treated with love and care
  • Marian Residence Retirement Home


    We believe in ethical decision-making and acting with honesty and integrity
  • Supported Independent Living Cambridge

    Respect for People

    We value our people, appreciate their differences and encourage them to give their best and share their gifts and abilities.