A Resource Guide To Ensure Our Clients Get The Best Retirement Home Services

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We’ve been a leader in the retirement care industry since 1986. During this time, we have cared for many seniors at Marian Residence Retirement Home. From home-cooked meals to medication management and housekeeping and laundry services, we have you covered.

How have we done this, you ask? Well, we were founded in 1986 by the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate to care for the physical and spiritual needs of older adults.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of our most valuable resources that have contributed to our client’s comfort. Read on to learn more.

Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) - www.rhra.ca

Established in 2011, the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority is an independent, self-funded, not-for-profit regulator mandated by the government to protect and ensure the safety and well-being of seniors living in Ontario’s retirement homes under the Retirement Homes Act 2010.

Daily Caring Blog - https://dailycaring.com/

This blog provides unparalleled advice regarding care for older adults. They provide the most practical and valuable tips, advice, personal stories, and resources related to caregiving and aging.

Aging Care - https://www.agingcare.com/topics

This website has several articles, questions, and discussions related to a variety of topics when it comes to caregiving. This information might be helpful when considering a move to a retirement home or even seeking out extended care for a loved one.

Senior Safety Advice - https://seniorsafetyadvice.com/

Senior safety advice resources are catered to seniors who are aging in place, caregivers who are helping the elderly, and adult children who are caring for aging parents. We find this helpful for those older adults who maybe aren’t quite ready, or maybe even need to, to make a move into a retirement home.

If you’re considering retirement home services for yourself or your loved ones, Marian Residence Retirement Home is the premier Catholic retirement home in Cambridge, ON. From home-cooked meals to medication management, we got you covered! Our dedicated team also takes care of housekeeping and laundry services on a regular basis.

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