Embracing Renewal: Our "Renewed by Love" Fundraising Initiative

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We at Marian Residence Retirement Home are thrilled to announce our fundraising initiative, "Renewed by Love," in partnership with Major Decorating Ltd. It seeks to transform the living spaces of the residents of Marian Residence Retirement Home and nurture an environment at Marian Residence that fosters the five values of the organization: Faith, Compassion, Dignity, Respect and Responsibility.

Initiative Details:

In collaboration with Major Decorating Ltd., we have identified key areas within our Retirement Home that would greatly benefit from renovations. These improvements include specific renovations such as new flooring, fresh paint, and updated lighting fixtures, creating a renewed and vibrant space for both current and future residents.

How You Can Help:

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey by contributing to our initiative. Your support will make a significant impact on the lives of our residents. Visit bit.ly/renewedbylove for more information to make a difference through your generous donations.

As we embark on this exciting endeavour, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. Your support empowers us to continue the compassionate care and Catholic living that our residents experience every day at Marian Residence. Join our family today!

To know more about our initiative, please connect with us here.