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My name is Sr. Mary Pio Dessalines, and I’m a Sister of Our Lady Immaculate (SOLI). I’m going to discuss Pastoral Care as it’s one of the newest roles we’ve introduced at Marian Residence Retirement Home. I’m very excited to be part of this new endeavor as it brings to life the vision of our Foundress, Mother Mary Josephine, when she established Marian Residence Retirement Home.

I look forward to sharing vital details about our Retirement Home. I hope you will enjoy learning more in regard to our unique project.

What is pastoral care? How does it apply to a retirement home?

Pastoral Care is to journey with a particular group of people or a community. This special call entails displaying unconditional love and care to those we serve while being respectful of their own religious beliefs and practices.

In the context of a retirement home, Pastoral Care can be applied in many ways, including meeting the needs of our residents’ spiritual, social, and emotional needs. It also involves assisting them in every area of their lives, especially with their sicknesses, and most importantly, helping them to transition from this life with dignity.

Why is it essential to the life of a resident? Can it be found in other retirement homes?

It’s essential to a resident’s life as every child of God deserves to get treated with love, respect, and dignity no matter who they are. While a Pastoral Care department can get found in other retirement homes, we take it one step further as we are a Catholic retirement home.

What is involved in this department? What can residents and families expect from you?

This department has a Pastoral Care Director, an Activity Coordinator, and a Volunteer Coordinator. Our team, combined with God’s grace, will do the best we can to serve residents with care and love. Therefore, residents and families can expect from us a willingness to serve them faithfully and respectfully each day.

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Sr. Mary Pio Dessalines